Speaking from JLM Lubricants headquarters in Amsterdam, JLM founder and MD Gilbert Groot said, “Whilst the product isn’t new to the industry we have been asked for it by professional motor mechanics and our distributors – in countries including Bosnia Herzegovina, Greece, Sweden, Vietnam, Singapore and the United Kingdom. And we’re now seeing strong interest from Central Europe and Asia. Before the product was in our distribution centre we had several large orders to fulfil. It’s part of our strategy, to expand on petrol related products and to offer a complete range to our distributors so they can meet the demands of the professional motor factor stockist and their trade customers. Our unrelenting focus is on being a one stop shop for the professional motor mechanic.”

The JLM Petrol Octane Booster delivers a number of key benefits. It boosts the octane number by 4 points depending on the type of fuel used; it cleans, lubricates and cools the engine parts; reduces the eventual need for expensive repairs and prevents excessive wear of valves, valve seats and valve sealing surfaces.

“A standard feature of every JLM product is that it contains more of the active ingredients and that’s why the octane number can be boosted significantly compared to others currently available. It has slotted nicely into the category of super high quality octane boosters. It also optimises engine performance, reduces fuel consumption and eliminates irregular idling,” said Groot.

The JLM Petrol Octane Booster 250ml, product code J03165 is packed in 12 units per carton and is available for immediate dispatch via JLM Lubricants global network of distributors in 40 countries. One bottle treats up to 60 litres of petrol.

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