Speaking from JLM Lubricants’ headquarters in Amsterdam, JLM founder and MD Gilbert Groot said: “Brake fluid products are pretty much commonplace on a stockist’s shelf. This begs the question why enter a crowded segment when our usual focus is to develop innovative products and products with a twist that can enter a category with a lot of noise?”

“What has become apparent over the last 18 months is that JLM is now firmly positioned as a trade trusted brand in 40 countries. We deliver on our promises and the professional motor mechanic uses our products for this reason. In the last three months many of our distributors have asked us to develop a brake fluid product on the back of being asked for it themselves by their stockists and their stockists’ trade customers. It ties in with our strategy of offering a complete range. Why buy a brake fluid from another company when you can now add the JLM Brake Fluid Dot4 and Dot4 LV to your existing JLM order knowing it has been formulated to the latest standards with the JLM brand on it as a guarantee of quality and performance?”

“With our brake fluid we opted for the higher heat-indication as this is where the European car markets are moving towards,” continued Groot. “Because we always start from scratch with our formulations, we bypassed the standard fare of brake fluid products opting for the very latest quality and safety standards instead.”

The two JLM Brake Fluids, Dot4 and Dot4 LV (Low Viscosity) 1000ml are suitable for all cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles. The excessively low viscosity at temperatures far below freezing makes it ideal for vehicles with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems such as ABS and ESP. Low viscosity ensures that the response time of the brake pedal to the brake system is noticeably shorter at low temperatures. Products are available for immediate dispatch via JLM Lubricants’ global network of distributors in 40 countries.

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