A buzz is anticipated around the JLM Lubricants booth C62 Hall 9.1 at Automechanika as the global brand launches two new products to add to their stable of technician trusted products – with one being a world first. The JLM Petrol GPF Cleaner and the JLM Petrol Extreme Clean will be making their debut at the event.

Says Gilbert Groot the Founder and CEO of JLM Lubricants: “From conducting extensive research I’m confident in saying that the JLM Petrol GPF Cleaner is a world first. All new petrol cars will be equipped with a Gasoline Particulate Filter (GPF) following European guidelines for vehicle emissions. We predict that the new GPF will block like its diesel counterpart. When this happens our product will solve the problem. The science behind it is comparable to the present strategy for DPFs namely burning off the collected soot at a lower temperature.”

Continues Groot: “Our mission is to offer unique trade trusted products. Here we’re launching a product ahead of its time. Although there’s much to learn about how GPFs will actually behave in daily use, we’re leading the industry by making the very latest fuel additive technology available to the professional motor mechanic.”

Commenting on the launch of the JLM Petrol Extreme Clean, Groot says the product is, “the answer to late model cars and engines with severe build up, blocking problems in different parts of the fuel system. These contaminations are tough and not easily dissolved with regular fuel additives. Our blend comprises multiple additives packaged into a highly concentrated 500ml shot for one tank treatment.”

“Our growth as a brand is fuelled by staying close to our strategy which has at its heart an unrelenting focus on quality and, on positioning the JLM brand as a trade trusted brand in many different countries. Everything we do must be on the mark and exceed expectations,” concludes Groot.

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