JLM Diesel DPF Refill Fluid J02260 is a universal replacement for additives used for diesel particulate filters in passenger and delivery vehicles with a catalytic converter, on-board dosing system and an additive reservoir. 

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Workshops of independent universal car companies are increasingly seeing diesel vehicles with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and a separate regeneration fluid reservoir for diesel regeneration fluid. The car company is no longer dependent on the brand dealer to fill these regeneration fluid reservoirs. Refilling is easy and JLM has the replacement fluid available. Increase your workshop turnover with JLM DPF Regeneration Fluid. 
A number of diesel vehicles have a dosing system with a reservoir in the form of a tank or a bag. The reservoir contains regeneration fluid for the particulate filter. Fluid is automatically added from the reservoir to the fuel in the tank while the vehicle is being driven. If the car’s computer detects that the particulate filter needs to be cleaned (regenerated), fuel containing regeneration fluid is injected into the particulate filter. 

OEM-independent aftermarket alternative 
Soot normally burns between 550 and 600 degrees Celsius. Thanks to the nanoparticles, the regeneration fluid adheres to the soot, which causes the combustion temperature to fall to 450 degrees Celsius. As a result, less fuel needs to be injected in order to reach the ideal combustion temperature. 

Regeneration fluid is regularly added to the fuel in the fuel tank, depending on the use of the vehicle. The reservoir should be topped up a few times during the service life of the car. 

JLM Diesel DPF Refill Fluid J02260 is an OEM-independent aftermarket alternative for all existing types of regeneration fluid in the most common vehicles manufactured from 2000 onwards with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and a regeneration fluid system. 

JLM DPF Refill Fluid J02260 is available in one-litre containers. With the JLM DPF Refill Kit, you can easily add the fluid to the tank or bag, which in this case does not need to be replaced. 

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