JLM Lubricants have made a ‘significant improvement’ to their iconic bestseller Diesel DPF ReGen Plus. The product is a preventative formula for all diesel cars with particulate filters. It’s the ultimate conditioner for a DPF, keeping it in optimal condition. JLM sell thousands of units every month in 45+countries. Mechanics use it during the DPF servicing process and recommend it to their customers as part of an ongoing maintenance regime.

From Iron base to Cerium

JLM have now changed the formula from an organo-metallic iron base to Cerium. Explaining the reasons why, Gilbert Groot said: “We could see with testing that Cerium has a higher effectiveness at a lower dosage than iron and it’s effective in many scenarios -for example if the filter already has ash, or there’s more sulphur in the diesel. Cerium has a good catalysing effect at a relatively lower temperature than iron. In our formula, the Cerium variant is dosed higher. Basically, we put more of the good stuff in! When Cerium is burned, it produces less soot than iron so the DPF filter benefits from this lower-than-iron ash build up.”

“The replacement of iron with Cerium also has environmental benefits because Cerium produces lower emissions than iron (including dangerous emissions). Most competitive products using the iron-based formula are branded as DPF cleaners when they’re not. They are conditioners. Our formula is a DPF conditioner because we have a dedicated DPF Cleaner which contains Platinum as well as Cerium. I am confident that with the Cerium formula in our ReGen Plus we outperform the competition for this reason alone. Iron is cheaper to use than Cerium but doesn’t have its unique beneficial properties.”

A multi vehicle product

The product is suitable for all vehicles including buses and trucks Because they have continuously regenerating DPFs it will keep them in good shape in between servicing. With stop-start short journey driving a consequence of the pandemic JLM have experienced a rising demand for ReGen Plus, exceeding all forecasts. It helps too that motorists and mechanics are now looking for high calibre products for prevention and cure to keep costs down. ReGen Plus fits into the prevention box.

The last word from JLM CEO “The new formula was put through its paces by top tier  DPF technicians,” said Gilbert. When specialist technicians endorse your products it plays a big part in further boosting our credibility in a competitive market where inferior formulas can hide behind labels that promise much but that actually deliver little. With ReGen Plus we can say without hesitation that it keeps DPFs in ‘as new’ condition and it prevents high replacement costs and expensive repairs. For the motorist, they just add a bottle to the fuel tank for every 50 litres of fuel. And drive

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