PRESS RELEASE – March 2021

Sticking firmly to their mission of introducing new and improved products for the professional motor mechanic, JLM Lubricants, the global brand serving the automotive aftermarket, have launched three new products: a multi spray, an engine oil stop leak, and a spark plug/injector loosener.

Speaking of the timing of these new products Gilbert Groot, founder and Managing Director said: “The last 12 months have been the most challenging on record and the automotive sector has not escaped the effects of lockdown and the pandemic. We have seen new car sales fall, motorists delaying servicing and existing cars being kept on the road for longer with short distance stop start driving the norm. We knew from distributor feedback there existed a real need for these three products because they not only meet the requirements of the trade and their customers right now, they’re also products that will stand the test of time – regardless of the economic conditions and the motorist’s driving patterns. For example, with the Engine Oil Stop Leak, we have a product which serves the aging car park. Not only does it stop and seal motor oil leaks in one application, but it also reduces emission blue exhaust smoke, and it can be mixed with all engine oils. Because it can be used for petrol, diesel, hybrid, LPG and NPV cars, it’s a must have product for every mechanic. What we’re seeing the world over is that motorists are looking to their mechanic for reliable, fast, and low-cost repairs. This product ticks the box for older vehicles more susceptible to oil leaks with the focus on repair, don’t replace.”

With the Multi Spray (which amongst its benefits ‘cleans, lubricates, protects and dissolves/prevents rust) JLM Lubricants acknowledge they are entering a mature market with dominant brands. However, in entering this space Groot states they were responding to demand from customers. “The feedback from our distributors was that mechanics especially were looking for a JLM branded equivalent of the market leader. Our Multi Spray is on a par in terms of formulation and ease of delivery with its smart straw and aerosol design,” says Groot. “It was never a matter of do we enter this market but when. And now is the time. We had a big wait list from several countries which is testament to the growing perception of our brand as a champion of the trade, not to mention the formulation of this day in, day out use product.”

With the Injector Loosener JLM state they are ‘providing a lifeline to injectors that would otherwise have to be drilled out’. The strong cooling effect (max -40degrees Celsius) causes micro cracks releasing the bond between the injector and the engine to enable disassembling without breaking. “It’s not always the case that a stuck injector is destined to be drilled out,” says Groot. “With this product the stuck injector or spark plug can be loosened but should it be impossible to extract the mechanic knows they’ve done everything possible before resorting to drilling. Our inspiration for this product was on the back of the global reaction to our GDI Cleaner. Mechanics were asking for this as a natural partner. The two go hand in hand as part of the modern mechanic’s toolkit. And the motorist is spared the cost of footing the bill for a new injector.”

“We remain steadfastly committed to the professional mechanic in the 40 countries where our products are used. Our mission is to innovate, improve and react without delay when we can see a compelling need to go back to the drawing board. These three products are the tip of the iceberg with more to follow in quarter two,” concludes Groot.

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