JLM Lubricants launches innovative fuel additive for Hybrid vehicles

Based in the manufacturing powerhouse of the Netherlands, global brand JLM Lubricants has launched a dedicated Hybrid Additive for Hybrid vehicles. It will protect the combustion motor which only works for short periods as the assistant to the electric motor.

“The demand for Hybrids is increasing and running parallel to this is the drive for lower emissions in many countries. However, Hybrids present their own unique problems.” Said Gilbert Groot, founder of JLM. “For example, the downside of repeatedly switching a petrol engine on and off to boost fuel efficiency leads to the gradual accumulation of harmful deposits within the engine and fuel injection system – caused by the resultant lower temperature and suboptimal combustion conditions. Unfortunately for the motorist, the first sign that all is not well is when the car fails an exhaust emissions’ inspection or develops a fault.”

“With the JLM Petrol Hybrid Treatment we have developed a preventative maintenance fuel additive. It helps to clean-up these build-ups and it prevents them from reoccurring. The unique formulation also tackles the fuel injector deposits that are caused by regular engine shut-downs, while providing the low and high-pressure fuel pumps with an extra shot of lubrication,” says Groot.

Additionally, as modern ethanol-laced petrol reacts with the air within the fuel tank, it turns stale within a matter of weeks. As deteriorated fuel is not in peak condition, it cannot burn cleanly leading to the built up of more deposits.  JLM’s Petrol Hybrid Treatment contains an extra conditioner to slow down the ageing process, thereby, extending the fuel’s usable lifespan. This function is especially beneficial for Plug-In Hybrids (PHEVs) that are run frequently in electric-only modes.

While JLM’s Petrol Hybrid Treatment is formulated for high-voltage Hybrids that can be driven in electric-only mode with the combustion engine turned off, it is also beneficial for any Hybrid that is used extensively in towns and cities. These include both low-voltage micro and mild-Hybrid models, fitted with stop-start technology.

“We have seen a worldwide demand for this product from our global distributors. It ticks the Hybrid box cleanly because it is a high-quality additive that has been extensively assessed to ensure that it really does what it says on the tin. And of course, as with all our products, it comes with the JLM ‘Trade Trusted badge’,” concludes Groot

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