The JLM Lubricants DPF Refill Fluid is the universal regeneration fluid alternative for the aftermarket-for all currently known original parts’ numbers for the manufacturers concerned. It’s a premium product that is competitively priced – especially when compared to the rising cost of OEM DPF refill products.

Beware Cheap, Inferior Imitations

Global demand from technicians and automotive stockists was a key driver in JLM Lubricants developing this premium product. The market however remains flooded with inferior quality products. When these formulas are scientifically analysed they reveal a significant lack of active ingredients. And prolonged use of these inferior products can cause irreparable damage to the DPF. This has been validated by leading automotive journalist Rob Marshall and many respected technicians working on DPFs every day.

With the international Car Parc still dominated in the main by diesel vehicles and, with motorists’ budgets being stretched, choosing a high quality, high performing DPF Refill Fluid is now more important than ever.

Independent Laboratory Testing – What the Science Said

In recent months, extensive laboratory testing of DPF Refill Fluids from the widest range of price points has uncovered bad news regarding the low-cost formulas. As can be seen from the first two diagrams, they contain little or no active ingredients. In the third image – where soot oxidation is activated at higher temperatures- these higher temperatures can cause thermal damage to the DPF Core. The only course of action at this stage is a new DPF.

What do you need to know about the JLM DPF Refill Fluid?

  • It is a premium product, competitively price
  • It contains the highest percentage of active ingredients
  • It aids the natural regeneration of particulate filters at low temperatures
  • It can be used as a high performing alternative for all currently known original parts numbers for the manufacturers concerned
  • One bottle gives up to 70,000 miles protection
  • Tested and endorsed by leading technicians in over 35 countries
  • From JLM Lubricants – a Trade Trusted brand
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