JLM Radiator Clean & Flush Pro (J04813) and JLM Radiator Stop Leak (J04811) clean, maintain and seal cooling systems of all vehicles.

Almost everybody has experienced it at some point: an engine getting too hot, preventing youfrom driving any further. This mainly happens when the weather’s hot or when you’re queuingin traffic and travelling at lower speeds. This is caused by an issue with the cooling system.There are various reasons why this issue may occur. One of the most common reasons is thesystem getting blocked by dirt as a result of aged or poor quality coolant. Other reasons maybe (internal) leaks due to an old engine and/or cooling system or an object colliding with theradiator. If you keep on driving with a cooling issue, this may cause serious and expensivedamage to the engine block.

Cooling system essential to performance
The cooling system is there to keep the engine at the correct (operating) temperature,maximising its performance and service life. In more and more cars, the electrical (plug-in)hybrid system is also kept at the correct temperature by the cooling system, as well as theheating and air-conditioning system. The cooling system is a complex network of tubes,cooling ports, pipes and other essential (and expensive) parts, such as a water pump,radiators and a thermostat.A fuel engine converts petrol or diesel into kinetic energy or mechanical power. The efficiencyof that power is about 30 percent for modern engines. This means that 70 percent of theenergy is lost as heat. Modern car engines must minimise their fuel consumption and CO2emissions.

For this, the moving parts of the engine must receive optimum cooling. If the parts are notsufficiently cooled, they will expand and that creates more friction. The friction leads toresistance, causing the engine to run ‘heavier’. The greater the resistance in the engine, thehigher the fuel consumption and CO2 production.

Cooling system is crucial
Car manufacturers must comply with worldwide rules determining the maximum CO2emissions of their models. In some countries, including the Netherlands, car sales depend onthe CO2 emissions. Drivers of cars with low emissions pay less tax or even no tax at all inthese countries. This greatly boosts the sales of certain car makes and models and increasesthe sales figures of the make and model in question.It is therefore highly important to car manufacturers for their engine to have the lowest CO2emissions. This is why lots of money is invested into the development of engines that are asefficient and economical as possible. The cooling system is a crucial part of this. And you canimagine what the consequences will be if the cooling system fails to do what it should. That’snot even considering the fact that you would be at the roadside with a broken-down car.Car manufacturers prescribe that the coolant is regularly replaced to keep the cooling systemin optimum condition. In practice the coolant is often forgotten, leaving it in the cooling systemfor years. Fresh coolant contains additives that protect the cooling system and keep it clean.The smallest blockage may cause maximum and expensive engine damage. As the coolantages, the essential additives disappear and the liquid has to be replaced.

JLM Lubricants has the perfect solution to cooling issues
JLM Lubricants supplies additives that remove rust, sludge, sediment and stains from thecooling system and preventively protect the cooling system. JLM Radiator Clean & Flush (J04813) removes rust, sludge, sediment and stains, cleans the entire cooling system,restores the cooling of the engine, improving engine performance and improving theperformance of the heating and air-conditioning system.JLM Radiator Sealer & Conditioner seals and prevents leaks and protects the cooling systemfrom rust, corrosion and stains. The conditioner is perfectly suitable for vehicles that breakdown and have to be temporarily repaired. JLM Radiator Clean & Flush and JLM Radiator Stop Leak can be mixed with all brands and types of coolants. The additives meet the worldwide requirements laiddown by law. The additives are suitable for all engines with a liquid cooling system.

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