The number of electronic components in modern cars is increasing every year. From engine management, brakes and suspension to advanced driver controls and the in-cabin systems, electronics are vital to the proper functioning of a vehicle.

It is very important then, to ensure all electrical connections are kept in the best possible condition. This is where the JLM Contact Spray comes in. Offering precise and quick-drying cleaning action as well as corrosion prection, the JLM Contact Spray is an easy and reliable solution for maintaining optimal electrical conductivity in automotive systems.

A must for every workshop, the JLM Contact Spray is a great addition to every automotive professional’s arsenal.

Electrical Contact Cleaning
Special formula cleans and restores electrical contacts, connectors, and switches. Removes dirt, grease, and oxidation, ensuring optimal electrical conductivity and preventing signal degradation.

Corrosion Protection
Creates a protective barrier on electrical contacts, shielding them from moisture and environmental contaminants. This protection extends the lifespan of electrical components and reduces the frequency of maintenance.

Quick Drying Formula
JLM’s Contact Spray features a quick-drying formula that evaporates rapidly upon application allowing for fast cleaning and restoration of electrical contacts without leaving behind any residue or moisture.

Material Compatibility
Safe for use on a wide range of materials commonly found in electrical components, including metals, plastics, and rubber. Its non-corrosive formula ensures compatibility with sensitive electronic devices.

Container Size and Weight
The compact and lightweight design of Contact Spray (400ml) makes it easy to handle and store in any workshop environment. With a convenient aerosol canister, you can access the product quickly and apply it with precision.

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