JLM Portugal was launched at ExpoMECANICA Exponor -Porto International Fair April 2023. Attended by Gilbert Groot, Jeroen Schutz and Manuel Pena, the event was hailed a huge success with Gilbert describing it as ‘the best show we have ever attended’. An attention-grabbing stand in the trademark JLM colours of black and yellow with the accompanying brand strapline ‘We Understand Cars’ ensured that the booth was appealing from every angle. A Renault Clio Rally4 also helped pull in the crowds.  

Introducing Manuel Pena, JLM Portugal

 “We spoke to most of the key people we had highlighted as our ideal customers – naturally all from automotive businesses,” said Manuel Pena who heads up JLM Portugal. “And this was the goal when we decided to exhibit – to have meaningful conversations so that we could open the channel to introduce JLM to the professional technicians they distribute products to and, to the motorists looking for a quality solution.  In such a positive and informal setting, we explained JLM Lubricant’s points of difference to the buyers. This includes our heritage developing trade trusted and crucially, trade evaluated formulas with the highest percentage possible of active ingredients. We are of course helped by the fact that in over 46 countries the very best technicians regard JLM Lubricants as a name they can trust to deliver consistently. This is especially relevant given the growing trend of repair versus replace and the importance of the circular economy. The role of the professional technician in keeping a customer’s vehicle well maintained within a reasonable budget has never been more important. High quality additives have earned their place on the shelf of every workshop, so it was really good to have these conversations and to be met with universal approval and genuine interest.”

Thoughts from JLM CEO Gilbert Groot

“What made this event really stand out was the fact that every minute of the day our booth was full with visitors wanting to know more about our products and to listen to our back story,” said Gilbert. “It is rare to attend an event that is so  well organised right down to the finer details and with such a high calibre of attendees.  It  also helped that Manuel is so well-known and respected in the automotive aftermarket. All the journalists and bloggers that visited us were on first name terms with him and keen to discuss the JLM alchemy and how we plan on taking market share in Portugal.”

Why Portugal is a great market for JLM products

“Gilbert is right in saying this event put JLM Lubricants Portugal on the map,” said Manuel. “It gave us the space to catapult our brand to a high level of awareness  in a matter of days. We are now enjoying new commercial relationships on the back of those conversations. The Portuguese market is fertile ground when it comes to the use of oils and additives. People recognize the value of the products and the problems they can solve. That’s why strong brands with a focus on quality and getting it right first time are preferred over cheap products. JLM Lubricants’ products have a real pedigree and an excellent reputation with workshop owners around the world, so we had a great head start.”

“The Portuguese market also has an aging car parc with one of the highest average vehicle ages in the European community,” continued Manuel. “With so many in Portugal on a low salary the focus is on vehicle maintenance. Prolonging the life of a vehicle is important. Motorists are already sold on the idea of investing in regular maintenance. And because we are an EU country, we have the same regulations and strict laws regarding emissions. By making the use of so many additives mandatory, the EURO emissions’ standards have given the additives market a fresh impetus. This is good news for JLM because we follow the strictest guidelines, and our products are guaranteed to lower emissions.”

Offering the full range of products

JLM Portugal supplies the full range of products through all channels including direct to vehicle owners, through stockists and via workshops. The reaction to JLM products from the professional motor mechanic has been overwhelmingly positive with Manuel commenting “Technicians are always looking for quality solutions. In Portugal, the market is flooded with low-cost solutions, but JLM offers clear differentiation based on quality and exclusivity. And the JLM diesel range is proving to be a real winner in Portugal because the car parc in the main is diesel.”

About Manuel Pena

Manuel has worked in several major groups in Portugal in the automotive aftermarket, always in a technical and commercial role. Companies he has worked at include Anecra, Fortuna, and Sintética. He joined Liqui Moly before joining Auto Delta. After several conversations with Gilbert Groot, Manuel decided to ‘embrace the JLM Lubricants’ challenge and become Sales Director for the Iberian market.’

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