With over 80% of their products developed and manufactured in the Netherlands which has some of the most stringent health and safety regulations in the world, it is no surprise that global brand, JLM Lubricants have launched a premium performance brake cleaner with a significant point of difference to other products in its category. The JLM Brake Cleaner has no CMR substances making it significantly safer to use for the professional technician.

Explaining more, Gilbert Groot JLM founder and CEO said: “On a worldwide basis harmful substances in brake cleaners are sadly all too commonplace. What many technicians do not realise is that by unwittingly exposing themselves to products with CMR substances (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic and Toxic for Reproduction) they are using products that are harmful to their health. Brake cleaners are widely used and recent research with automotive companies has shown that many (including premium products) contain CMR components. Exposure to hazardous substances is one of the main sources of ill health at work. This can take many unpleasant forms from respiratory problems to skin rashes and cancer. No technician should be on the front line exposed to products that include CMR substances By contrast in the Netherlands, CMR free brake cleaner is mandatory.”

The JLM Brake Cleaner is being launched in the premium performance category. “Our formula will clean and degrease quickly and efficiently – including those hard-to-reach spots. With its high penetrating power, it removes residues and even the toughest dirt, including oil, grease, resin, and tar. And because it is acetone and chlorine free, it is parts’ friendly,” said Groot.

“We consider ourselves fortunate that the Netherlands is our home base. It means that our unrelenting focus is on developing additives and lubricants that lead the way in terms of product performance and product safety. JLM products are primarily developed for technicians to use in the most demanding environment of all – the professional workshop. With the JLM Lubricants’ Brake Cleaner we are taking a premium product to market – one that is incredibly effective, on a par with other top tier products in its category. And crucially one that is much safer to use. And this has to be good news for the professional technician,” concluded Groot.

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